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Helpful Moving Hints

weston movers and storage helpful hintsBefore getting started, let’s go over the basics. Packing is not an easy task and this is why most people turn to Secure Moving and Storage for help. It takes time and patience, but when done properly, eliminates stress greatly. Packing should start as soon as you decide to move. Do a little each day or it can get overwhelming. Waiting until the day before you are ready to move can cause excessive aggravation. Here we will demonstrate the basics, from the first steps setting up to the how-to’s of specific items.

Be Prepared :
Pack your current phone book and computer, and take it with you. You may need to make calls to residents or businesses back in your former home town. Designate one drawer of a dresser for sheets and towels so that you won’t have to search through boxes for these essentials the first night in your new home. Packing Materials: Use materials that are correct for the job. Used cartons from a local store won’t protect your possessions the way they should. Secure Moving and Storage has a full range of supplies that you’ll need. To view our packing materials list click here.
Packing Station:
Set up a packing area. Gather materials such as two inch wide tape, cartons, markets for labeling, unprinted white paper, scissors and newspaper. Use the unprinted paper for inner wrapping and use the newspaper for cushioning or as outer wrapping, as it tends to leave ink marks.

Weight Limit:

To make handling easier, try to limit each carton to a maximum weight of 50 pounds when fully packed. Choose small cartons and corrugated boxes rather than heavy trunks and wooden boxes. Books are extremely heavy and should be packed in small, strong cartons.
Under packing:
Avoid under packing a carton. When a carton is under packed, the contents will shift in the box and may cause damage. If you have an under packed carton, make sure to fill in the empty space with crumpled paper.
Over packing:
Do not overcrowd boxes. Professional pack boxes so that each article will cushion another. The top of the box should close with light pressure. Layering: Begin by cushioning the bottom of your carton with two or three inches of crumpled paper. Put heavier items on the bottom and the lighter items on top. Between each layer, put a supporting base of crumpled paper or sheets of cardboard.
Fragile Items:
Wrap fragile items such as crystal, china and figurines using at least three layers of paper per item. Wrap each one firmly, but loosely enough to provide a cushioning effect. Plates and record albums should be packed on end vertically, rather than placed flat and stacked. On smaller items, use colored wrapping paper to draw attention to them when you are unpacking. Be sure to mark the carton “FRAGILE”.
Write the contents of each box on the outside. Be specific. Mark the short side of each box with the room the box belongs in. Since cartons are stacked, the top markings may not be visible. In addition to marking the rooms and contents, have children write their name and new address on the cartons from their rooms, so they can become familiar with their new address before they get to their new home.
Keep your pocketbook, checkbook and any other personal valuables with you at all times during moving day. Otherwise, you may find that they have been packed and loaded on the truck. You should move jewelry, cash, coins, valuable items and personal documents. These items should not be packed and should remain in your possession at all times. Your mover cannot be responsible for such items.

Now that you know the basics, we are ready to move on! The next step is to understand how to pack certain types of items. The hints given are exactly how our crew would pack if we were to assist you in your own packing.

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