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I hear horror stories about corrupt moving companies all of the time. Are there any hidden charges in your estimate?

No, our estimates are all inclusive rates. The only way you may see additional charges are if additional services are required, and even then we offer quotes up front.

Do you offer boxes for moving services?

We offer all types of materials for your next move, ranging from boxes, to mattress bags, even markers! Our prices are competitive, we offer free delivery, and will even take back any boxes that are not used and credit you the difference.

Should I purchase additional liability on my items?
The State of Florida mandates every Moving Company to offer a standard $0.60 per pound per article. This means, if you have a dresser that weighs 100 pounds and it gets damaged in any way, our liability is $60.00 that is placed toward the repair or replacement of this piece. If you have any items that are of extreme value, we encourage you to check with your estimator about costs to raise the liability limits for that/those specific piece(s). The peace of mind you get is worth it!

Are you fully licensed and insured?
Every Moving Company in the State of Florida must be licensed with not only with the State, but Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties are required to obtain an additional license in order to operate. Our insurance limits exceed the minimum requirements as well.

Do you offer storage?
Yes, we offer both short term and long term storage for all of our customers. Our warehouse
is air conditioned, being built in 2005. We offer state of the art storage options and reasonable prices.

How can I check to make sure a Mover is in good standing with the County and Better
Business Bureau?

Broward County Consumer Affairs offers information on every licensed Moving Company,
including any complaints that are placed. This information can be obtained by calling 954-765-5350
or visiting 115 S. Andrews Ave. Annex Room A460, Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33301. You can also visit the Better Business Bureau on the web at or by calling 954-432-4900.

Is gratuity expected for the crew?
Although gratuity is not mandatory, it is a generous form of appreciation for the men
and a way of thanking them for caring for your belongings. Our men put an extra strive in handling your life with the hopes of this form of appreciation in return. A standard gratuity amount is 10-15% of the entire move price for the crew to split.

What if it starts to rain during our move?
Although we wrap all of your furniture for transportation, there is still the chance of rain damage to your goods. We will try to protect your goods from rain to the best of our ability, but we cannot guarantee we will succeed 100%. If the rain starts to come down too hard, we will have no choice but to hold off, not only for your items’ safety, but the safety of our crew as well. We offer 15 minutes of waiting time at no additional charge, then if the rain continues we must explore our options to complete the move. This can be discussed with your estimator.


The following is a list of items that we found valuable during a move. Although these items may not pertain to you directly, we do offer them to make this day go smoother.

 Additional liability:  
Most customers don’t want to pay to have inexpensive items covered under insurance. This is why the $0.60 per pound is offered for ALL of your goods. If you have a couple of pieces that are extremely valuable to you, we can offer to have the liability raised for these items specifically. Just let your estimator know what items these are, and we can generate a price for you to feel comfortable.

In case you have items that still need packing and you want them to stay packed, our trucks each carry a limited abundance of boxes for purchase. The prices vary based on size, but are still kept reasonable. Prices are between $4.00 and $8.00 each.

Floor Protection:
Many of our customer’s have new flooring installed right before we arrive. Since we cannot remove our shoes and safely work, there is  potential dirt to the floors. We offer floor protection that can be placed over your floors to prevent this dirt, possible scratches, etc… Although our men are trained to be careful with flooring, this is just an extra safety precaution that we take.

Mattress Bags
Perhaps our most requested item. These bags are worth their weight in gold! They are inexpensive and cover your mattress from dirt, rain, and soiling. The mattresses are bagged at the point of pick up, and then sealed to give you peace of mind that you are sleeping on a clean bed. The prices start at $4.00 for a twin bed and range to $7.00 for a king bed.

Plastic Wrap:
Plastic wrap is handy to wrap your leather items or any upholstery that is lighter in color. It prevents the chance of accidental tears and any dirt that shows on lighter colored items. Plastic wrap costs $5.00 per item, an inexpensive investment for the protection that you are receiving.

Speed Pack/Commercial Bin
This is a large box used for all of the last minute loose ends. I’m sure you thought you had time to gather those items, but don’t worry! Our professionals can help get these items together on the day of the move, so they’re not forgotten. When we deliver, we ask that you designate a location for the speed pack to be unloaded, as it is only loaned and used as a last minute transporter.  Since this is not the “proper” way of moving the items, we will be more that happy to supply the box but unfortunately we cannot accept liability in the event something is damaged inside the box.  Speed Pack and Commercial Bin service is available at $18.00 per box.

Wardrobe Boxes
These are used to hang your clothing during transport, and prevent them from getting dirty.  Wardrobe boxes make it easier than making 10 trips over to the new home in your car!  These boxes are loaned at a price of $3.50 each or purchase for $11.00. The average home uses 10 boxes, which would be a small price of $35.00 to move all of your clothes that you don’t want wrinkled in a box! At this price you would spend more in gas going back and forth!

Our trucks are supplied with 10 Wardrobe Boxes, 1 Roll of Plastic Wrap as well as assorted sizes of Mattress Bags at all times.  If you would like any of the other materials listed above brought to your home, please notify your estimator at least one day in advance to be sure that we can fulfill your requests.


Weston Moving agrees to provide its services with no hidden charges, offering peace of mind and second-to-none quality, and rates that are always honest. The price guarantee of *$is based on
the following services and inventory that was supplied by the above customer.

Standard Services included in all moves:

Weston Moving is to disassemble and reassemble all furniture listed on the inventory.  All furniture will be wrapped in blankets before being moved out of its room.  Items will be placed in the room requested by the customer, assuming that customer has a floor plan set forth.  All boxes will be placed in their respective rooms as labeled.

  Will you need any of the following during your move?

Weston Moving and Storage is to pack the customer’s boxes

Waiting Time in the amount of

if so, please explain:

 Excessive walking distance of
feet at the origin/destination (circle one).

 Elevator needed for Origin/Destination (estimate is based on elevator being reserved)

Additional stops other than that listed on the estimate

This quote, unless otherwise noted, is based on the following:

Customer is to do his or her own packing, following the advice of the supplied packing guide (Following Page).

     Any additional items or services that are asked of Weston Moving and Storage the day of the move will be accompanied by an Addendum, prior to any work being done, with an agreed upon price up front.

     All work performed is based on an inventory that our estimator supplies. We ask that you review the inventory form, and if any discrepancies are present, let us know immediately. We may have estimated for items to be moved that are not going, or simply overlooked furniture. In order to provide an honest service, this inventory will determine what items are to be moved for the price quoted.

     Estimate is based upon billing a minimum of 4 hours total, unless otherwise noted.

     In case of rain, Weston Moving and Storage will wait for 15 minutes if asked, and continue at the customer’s request.  Because rain is considered an act of God, Weston Moving and Storage cannot accept liability for any water damage or delays this may cause.  Once it starts raining 3 different choices are offered to move forward. 

1)      If the customer chooses, Weston Moving and Storage will have the men wait for the rain to stop but this will be an additional charge.  Since our men expect to be paid, we unfortunately have to pass on our waiting time by billing by the hour at the hourly rate used on the estimate and Bill Of Lading. 

2)      If the customer requests our crew to continue through the rain our Crew Leader will make the determination whether he feels comfortable or not.  Assuming the Crew Leader feels comfortable our crew will continue to work through the rain, but Weston Moving the Storage will not accept liability for any water damage. 

     The option will be offered to deliver at another date, but storage may apply.  Weston Moving and Storage will reschedule any moves at no charge, considering 24 hours notice is provided. 
     Due to county regulations, a moving company must accept more than one form of payment. Weston Moving and Storage accepts the following: Cash, certified check, money order, or credit card. All estimates provided are cash prices.  This means payment can be made in the form of either: cash, check, money order, or certified funds.  Credit card pricing may vary.  Contact your Estimator for additional credit card pricing.



□ Artificial Plants: Artificial decoration plants should be placed inside an appropriate carton.

□Books: Due to the weight, books will need to be placed in a small, strong, secured carton. (Recommended size 1.5 Cubic Foot)

□ Boxes: Write the contents on the outside of each box, as well as the room it belongs to. This will save time trying to locate the customer, and determine which room the box belongs to. Boxes are to be sealed and ready prior to the day of the move. 


 Breakables:  Glassware, China, Vases Etc. should be packed in a specific box called a “Dishpack”.  These boxes are extra thick and extra durable and marked FRAGILE.  When packing breakables there are specific directions as how to pack these items to safely transport them.  Contact your estimator if you are unsure how to pack breakables.  You should also write “FRAGILE” on the outside of the box.   

□Computers, Fax Machines and Printers: Computers, Fax Machines and Printers are expected to be in boxes prior to our arrival. Print cartridges should be removed to avoid leaking.  Unfortunately we do not disassemble or reassemble electronics.

□Furniture: Articles such as blankets, cushions, pillows, and clothing should be left in drawers. All valuables, breakables, books, files and liquids should be removed prior to transit.

□Gasoline Tools: Any gasoline-powered tools are required to be drained and oil reservoirs drained prior to loading.

□Lamps and Lamp Shades: All lamps and lampshades are expected to be wrapped and placed in a carton. These cartons should also be labeled FRAGILE.  In the event the lampshades are not in boxes our men will ask to place these in your vehicle for safe transportation.


Mattresses and Box Springs should be placed in mattress bags to avoid damage. If they are not in bags WESTON MOVING will move them but cannot accept liability for these items. (Contact your estimator for pricing)

 □Packing Materials: Use materials that are correct for the move. If there are numerous small boxes that are able to fit in 1 large box, you should do so, (not to exceed 50 lbs.) to ensure accuracy in your estimate. For different examples and sizes, contact your estimator.

 □Placement of Furniture: At your new home, Weston Moving will place your furniture one time per each room. Prior to finishing your move, Weston Moving will walk through the home oneadditional time and rearrange any furniture needed.

□Plants: Plants are required to be drained from any water prior to moving, and placed in a plastic bag. If a plant were to leak on the truck, Weston Moving cannot be liable for any damages done to furniture.

□Small Appliances: Any small appliances should be wrapped and placed in a carton.

□Stereos: Stereos need to be disassembled and properly packed in a box.

 □ Washing Machines: Should be drained of water prior to moving.  A Mover does not remove or install water hoses for insurance purposes.

 □Wall Hangings: Pictures, paintings, mirrors, clocks, and additional wall hangings should be removed from the walls prior to moving day and be placed in a box or crate. If Wall Hangings are not properly packed, Weston Moving will move these items but CANNOT accept liability.

□Waterbeds: Waterbeds are expected to be drained prior to the mover’s arrival.

□Weight Limit: To make handling easier, limit each carton to a maximum weight of 50 lbs. when fully packed.


Credit Card Authorization Form

WESTON MOVING requires a credit card be held in order to schedule any moves. This hold will
act as a guarantee of the move date requested from the customer.

In the event that your move needs to be re-scheduled or cancelled, WESTON MOVING requires
24-hour notice from 8:00 a.m. of your move date. If 24-hour notice for cancellation or re-scheduling is not given in writing, there will be a charge of $100.00, charged to the below
credit card.

In the event our customer is unable to attend the unloading of goods, this card may be used
to render payment of services until another form is issued. If there is no choice but to use the below credit card, pricing may vary.  This pricing may result in an overall charge that is approximately 3% higher than the estimate provided. 

 Type of card:   

Name on Card:

Credit Card Number:


Expiration Date:    

Billing Zip Code: 

authorize WESTON MOVING to hold the above credit card on file to reserve my move date.

authorize WESTON MOVING to charge the below credit card in the event that I am not available for any other method of payment.

 I authorize WESTON MOVING to charge the above credit card $100.00 in the event that 24-hour notice is not given to cancellation or rescheduling.

**If AMEX is your only option, please speak with estimator about charges**


954-349-1916 Weston, FL

SUNRISE, FL 33326                  

 Southeast Florida--Tri-County
Standard Household Moving Company
Consumer Disclosure

Broward-Miami/Dade-Palm Beach

1) “DO NOT” sign contract if the TOTAL cost of your move is not clearly shown. The current date and time must be included when you sign the contract.

2) “DO NOT” sign contract unless it is given to you PRIOR to wrapping, packing or loading your goods.

3) “DO” get a copy of contract immediately upon signing.

4) FORM OF PAYMENT-every moving company must accept at least two of the following payment methods:

(includes cashier’s check, money order or traveler’s check)

-Personal Check
(Must show imprinted name and address)

-Credit Card (Must include
but not limited to VISA or MASTERCARD)

5) VALUATION COVERAGE--(You have two options-initial your choice)

1-Standard Valuation Coverage:
If your goods become damaged or lost, the moving company may be required to reimburse you to a maximum amount of only sixty cents (.60) per pound/per article, considerably less than the average value of household goods. There is no additional cost or deductible for standard coverage. (Example: If you have a         
5-pound table that is worth $300.00, and it is damaged or lost, you are only entitled to a maximum reimbursement of $3.00)

 Option 2-Additional Valuation Coverage:

Additional coverage is available to compensate you for goods lost or damaged at an amount closer to the declared or replacement value. The terms must be clearly defined in the contract you sign. There is an additional cost for this coverage.  The additional coverage may contain a negotiated deductible, which is disclosed as  $.
If a deductible applies, you are still entitled to the standard valuation coverage of $.60 per pound as described in Option 1 above on the deductible amount.

I understand the total cost of the moving contract is *$.
This includes all inventory preparation, labor,transportation, packing materials/costs, storage and any additional valuation coverage. I understand that all household goods must be delivered and unloaded when the mover is paid in full.


Customer’s Signature                                                      
Date/Time Signed

Brian McGary, Weston Moving and Storage             
03/18/2016 07:16:03 PM

Mover’s Signature                                                    
      Date/Time Signed

If you have any concerns about your move that began and ended in Broward, Miami-Dade or Palm Beach County and not resolved by your moving company, please contact the appropriate consumer protection agency where your move ended.







Palm Beach

Agency Name


Consumer Affairs Division.


Consumer Affairs Division.


Consumer Affairs Division.



115 S. Andrews Ave


140 W. Flagler St. Rm 140


50 S. Military Trail



Annex Room A460


Room 902


Suite 201



Ft. Laud, FL 33301


Miami, FL 33130


W. Palm Beach, FL 33415







(561)712-6600 (Main)







930-5124 (Boca/Glades-Toll Free)









This disclosure form must be provided to the customer with the written estimate. The form must be signed by the customer and the moving company prior to any work being performed. Original copy to customer.

Each of the three county governments (Broward, Miami Dade, and Palm Beach) have separate ordinances regulating moving companies. Most regulations within the
three ordinances are similar, but each county is responsible for it’s own enforcement. The following information provides consumers with a basic understanding of their rights and responsibilities when dealing with a moving
company in the tri-county area. These ordinances only regulate moves that begin and end in any of these counties.

Written Estimates-
Consumers anticipating a move are entitled to a detailed written estimate that includes ALL expected charges related to labor, transportation, packing, inventory, storage and additional valuation coverage. It is important for consumers to clearly reveal all that is to be moved. Moving companies may charge for the estimate; however, the cost of preparing an estimate must be fully disclosed and approved by the customer. All three counties require the moving company provide the consumer with a written contract (bill of lading) containing the total cost of the move and the consumer’s written authorization/signature prior to starting any move. A moving company cannot refuse to deliver your goods if you have paid the amount agreed upon in the written estimate or written contract.

Written Inventory-
Consumers have the right to a written inventory of all household goods to be moved by a moving company.  The moving company may charge for the inventory. The moving company cannot require that the right to an inventory be waived, but the consumer may voluntarily waive the inventory process. All charges to complete an inventory by a moving company must conspicuously be disclosed to the consumer. In Palm Beach County a moving company must provide a “no charge” inventory when the move is not point-to-point/same day or storage is required.

Written Contract-
A written contract (often called a bill of lading) is required to be prepared by the moving company and must be signed, timed and dated by the consumer (or his/her representative) and the moving company representative before the work begins. The contract must conspicuously provide the “bottom line” cost of all charges associated with the move (i.e. inventory preparation, labor, transportation, packing materials, storage and any additional valuation coverage).

Lost/Damage Claims-
The consumer has up to 60 days to notify the moving company in writing of any claim for loss or damage. If the claim cannot be satisfied in 30 days from the date of the claim, the mover must advise the consumer of the status of the claim and reason for the delay. The mover must satisfy or object to a claim no more than 90 days after receipt of the consumer’s written notice. If asked to sign a statement acknowledging receipt of goods, consumers may make notations on
the receipt as to known damage or missing items.

Moving companies operating in the tri-county area are required to be licensed/permitted by their respectivelocal government consumer agency where the mover‘s primary business location is based and the Florida Consumer Services Division.  Consumers may call to determine the current license status of any moving company (Phone numbers and addresses are on the reverse side).  If a problem is unable to be resolved with a moving company, please contact the appropriate government consumer agency immediately.  The above are general descriptions of the three ordinances regulating moving companies.  More information may be
obtained by contacting your consumer agency.  Information or complaints involving moves in Florida, outside the tri-county area, call the Florida
Division of Consumer Services at 1-800-435-7352.

   I read the above "Move Packet" and answered the questions to the best of my ability.  I hereby agree to all terms and conditions as listed, and will abide to the guidelines set forth in order to ensure a stress free move.