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Weston Moving EstimateIt is desirable for a WESTON MOVING & STORAGE  representative to come to your home and give you a moving and packing estimate. Following your decision to relocate you should contact us to make an appointment with an estimator at least 6 weeks in advance of your desired moving date. The estimator can give an approximate idea of the cost involved and answer any questions you may have. An estimate is especially important if access to your property is difficult or if you think there may be a problem with extraordinarily large pieces of furniture or if you have items that require special handling and care. Show the estimator EVERYTHING that you are planning to have packed and moved. The estimator bases the approximate cost on what you show and discuss with him/her. The estimate is not the actual cost. All charges will be based on the actual time involved, the actual weight, the actual packing, and/or whatever is applicable. Remember that the estimator will only see the house from where you are moving. There are potential circumstances that the estimator may not be aware of such as a spiral staircase, elevators, inability to get the truck up the driveway, and so on. Weather conditions can also cause unexpected delays. These problems could effect your actual charges. Make the estimator aware of anything you know of that can affect your move. We at WESTON MOVING & STORAGE understand that not everyone has the same schedule, so we designed an online estimate.

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