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Our staff knows all aspects of business moving.  We excel in the preparation process, which sets the tone for the entire move.  We create a plan to move each department in the order that fits your business needs the best.  Our certified move coordinators offer advice, training, and constant support to make sure your transition is the smoothest imaginable.

Professional Business Movers

Cubicle Moving/Installation Services:  Moving cubicles requires a lot of planning and should be left for a trained professional.  Our teams know how to take apart, properly move, and reassemble cubicles, as well as reconfigure to fit your new location.  This is a specific process that is not meant for just anyone!

Business Movers: Our crews excel in the office moving process.  We offer all of the proper materials that are necessary to make your move flawless.   This begins with a precise timeline for completion so you can plan accordingly, all the way to who gets moved first.  If you plan on optimizing your up time, don’t allow just anyone to handle your office moving needs.  Trust the experts at Secure Office Movers.

Warehouse Moving Services/Inventory Control: A warehouse is the hub of a business.  It houses materials that are necessary to operate.  Most of the time, these items are stored with specific locations.  Our business movers are trained to move warehouses while keeping the locations in tact for delivery.  We have the equipment, staff, and most importantly, expertise to move you timely, safe, and in order.

Warehouse racking/cantilever installation services:  Secure Office Movers excels at dismantling warehouse racking, moving and reassembling to your specifications at the destination.  We measure for clearance, make sure all pieces are securely fastened, and even lag to the floor to pass building inspections.

Packing services:  If you truly want to streamline your move, let our teams pack your office.  We are eco-friendly and affordable.   Most of the time, in fact, having business movers pack your office is  cheaper than what it costs you to pay your staff to help. Let your staff make you money, and let our staff save you money.

Copier, Printing press, Drill press moving services:  Yes, we move that.  Our highly trained riggers know how to relocate the most obese items imaginable.  We have the proper equipment, and can do what only a handful of people are trained to do.  Call Secure Office Movers to understand exactly how we can help you succeed.

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